Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

SE Austin off of William Cannon & i35. Conveniently located less than 15 minutes from the airport and 7 miles from downtown. We’ll provide the exact address upon booking since this is our home and not a storefront.


Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

We require all dogs to have vaccines against distemper/parvo, rabies, and Bordetella. This is not only for your pup’s safety, but others.


What do I need to bring?

Required: Food, any medication, crate (if you prefer) & medical records (before booking first stay)

Optional: Bed or blanket, toys. (We have more than enough doggy beds & toys and cannot guarantee yours will make it home with you)

You must supply food and specify feeding instructions on the contact form

*If your pet has any allergies or medications please specify/supply those as well along with instructions on the form.



My dog isn't fixed, can they still come?

We are sorry, we do not accept dogs that are not fixed. Our pack must all get along, and unfortunately, non-fixed dogs tend to present behavior challenges within a group. Our number one priority is dog safety.


What will my dog do all day?

​Play, eat & sleep! Pretty much whatever they would do with you since once they enter our home they become one of our family. Be advised, this is not our primary gig, rather, a labor of love. This means during the week Mon-Fri your dog(s) will be unsupervised from 8:30a-5:30p. They will have 100% access to the fully fenced in backyard as well as the downstairs area. We have cameras throughout or home and in the back yard, including a security system and ring doorbell cam. The cameras have motion detection that records 1080p video, audio, and temperature. We work downtown and have flexible PTO so we can be available quickly if there is ever an issue.


Since dogs will be unsupervised during the weekdays – we must be selective in which dogs can stay with us. If you know your dog would not do well in such an environment, then, unfortunately, this would not be the place for you. Sorry about that!


At night and on the weekends we make it a point to make sure we give all of our dogs as much human interaction as possible. We’re crazy dog people and can’t get enough. We also have been known to take everyone on field trips, like hikes the dog park at auditorium shores. Not only that, but we often take high-quality photographs, post them on our Instagram page and print them for our clients as keepsakes.


Do you accept all breeds and ages?

We accept all breeds and all dogs over 10 months old. We are experienced with all breeds and have worked with big, small, young, senior and special needs dogs. Since the dogs are unsupervised during the weekdays, we cannot give the extra attention puppies would require.


How many dogs can stay at a time?

It depends on the mix (size & temperament) of dogs booked for any given time period and operate on a first come first serve basis. Our house is fairly cozy, and we have 4 dogs of our own. We typically have 2-4 extra staying with us at a time. During the holidays we try to accommodate more – but safety is our primary focus. If we believe the mix will not be safe, then we might have to say no, as much as that breaks our hearts!


Where will my dog sleep?

Since every dog becomes one of our family the moment they step paw into our home, this means they sleep in our room with the rest of us! We have multiple dog beds, including a doggy bunk bed, in our master bedroom. They can set up shop wherever they like, and most of the time the snuggliest of pups will end up in our king-sized bed with us! If you prefer they be crated at night, that is fine but please bring the crate with them.


How would I book a stay?

Please contact us through this form. We will promptly reach out via email to set up a meet n greet and walk you through the next steps to getting your first stay booked.


My dog has a disability and must be given medication, can they stay?

We try to accommodate all the dogs we can! We are experienced with all types of dogs, medications and disabilities. We ask all clients to fill out our contact form in which we ask you to detail any medication and dosage information. However, if your dog needs extra supervision during the day, it might not be a great fit - but you can always make the call during your meet n greet.

My dog has an allergy and must be fed special food, are you able to accommodate this?

Yes! Before dropping off your dog, be sure to fill out our contact form. Here you will list any allergies and feeding instructions. We have the capabilities to keep frozen or refrigerated food as well, just be sure to write this on the form.


How far in advance should I book?

Due to high demand, we ask that our clients book at least two weeks in advance. During holidays we tend to fill up quickly, so we suggest booking three to six weeks in advance.


When can I drop off and pick up?


We operate by appointment only.

Mon-Fri: 7am - 8:30am & 6:30pm – 10pm

Sat & Sun: 7am – 10pm

*If you are going to be late please notify as soon as possible and no later than a half-hour beforehand. 



Do you have more questions? Feel free to email us.