How Does it Work?

Since we care deeply about every single dog that stays with us, we have a few requirements to make sure that not only are they happy and safe during their stay, but you can rest comfortably knowing your beloved furball is in the right hands. 

  1. In advance of the first stay: Schedule a 'meet n greet' so that you may inspect our home & let your dog interact with ours (to make sure it is a good fit and you feel 100% comfortable.)

  2. Dog(s) must be fully vaccinated: rabies, parvo/distemper & bordetella

  3. Dog (s) must be non-destructive (i.e chewing furniture), non-aggressive towards other dogs, and >10 months old.​

  4. Please bring enough food with you for the stay + an extra night (just in case.)

    • *Switching food abruptly will cause dogs to have upset stomachs and runny stool​s

  5. *We have enough dog beds, bowls and toys to accommodate. If you prefer your dog to be crated at night, please bring that with you when dropping off. If you bring toys with you we cannot guarantee that they will make it back to you. 

  6. We will send you a calendar invite to hold the dates, which will include all the important details for your dog's stay. 

Please note: We are family owned and provide a high level of care and attention to all the dogs who stay with us. As such, we have limited spots available. We advise that you book at least 2 weeks in advance since spots fill up quickly, especially around major holidays! 25% cancellation fee may be applicable for cancellations inside of 48hrs from date of stay.

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